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Pottery Care

To make the most of your pottery here are some of my top tips to keep them looking their best. May your new pots bring you many years of joy!


Cups, mugs & tableware - 

Try and avoid extreme or quick temperature changes. Although rare, ceramics can break and crack from thermal shock. I do not recommend use in the microwave.


All pots are dishwasher safe but hand washing is always best. When hand washing avoid stacking up pots in the sink or clunking pieces together as this can cause edges to chip. I make practical pieces to be used and enjoyed, but treating them gently and with care will definitely help extend their lifespan!


Hanging planters  - 

I find that plants are happiest when in a plastic pot inside the planter, it gives them a little room for drainage and they tend to do better. If you decide to plant direct into the planter then I recommend popping some light pebbles in the bottom for drainage (same goes for plant pots). Fill with soil to below the string knots, this will prevent drips while watering and cord deterioration over time. It is also occasionally worth checking the knots are secure and popping another knot in if needed as the cords can stretch after being planted and hung up.


If you have any other queries or need further advice as time goes on then don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!